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Why Us

We are often asked, "What’s the difference between our service programs and such programs offered by others?” We love that question! We love it because it gives us a chance to vent and to explain the differences.

Reason One:

Our programs have produced results for thousands of individuals from hundreds of companies because our methodologies make sense and are easy to apply! To sum it up, our participants increase their effectiveness, because our methodologies work! Our programs are conducted by experts in the field. That’s it! We have expertise in one area only!

Reason Two

Our Corporate Programs are one-day workshops. We understand that your people are much too valuable to spend two or three days out of production. That's why we've designed our programs with absolutely no fluff. Instead of training 40 or 60 participants, our group size is limited to a maximum of 20.

In larger programs, the participants spend too much time listening to their fellow participants presenting. While there is some value to that, we've found that the real value to the program is actually delivering presentations and receiving feedback and critique.

Groups of 18 to 20 are large enough for group feedback, but small enough to allow plenty of time for each participant to deliver presentations and receive feedback and critique. And with the top-of-the line, instructors at MDSGC, one day is ample to develop top-flight presenters. The program is fast-paced, interactive and of immediate use.

Reason Three

Our programs are guaranteed! "If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you another program free.” Our guarantee is simple and straightforward. We’ve been in business since 2000 (almost 10 years!) Obviously we wouldn’t have lasted that long if our programs didn’t produce results!

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  Mailing Address: P O Box 8734 Axleandria, VA 22306. Headquarters: 4801 Georgia Ave NW, Washington DC 20011
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