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Who We Are

MDSGC focuses on an individual approach to organizational achievement through high impact training courses.custom learning and development.professional services. and publications. For over years, we have successfully worked with every major agency in the federal government, dozens of state and local government offices, numerous associations and non-profit organizations, and hundreds of large and mid-sized corporations throughout the world.

We pride ourselves on our strong working knowledge of:
1. Action Learning (the core theory behind peer coaching groups)
2. Methods of adult learning
3. Business, management and organizations

We pride ourselves on our highly practical focus, including that we:
1. Focus on the doing -- and trusting that the necessary learning will occur when we and our clients remain authentic in our participation
2. Make sure that our clients always master the fundamentals
3. Help produce plans and reports, and make sure they're implemented, too

We pride ourselves that we've premiered the concept of peer coaching groups, including that we've:
1. Taught many of peer coaching group coaches/facilitators across the world
2. Designed programs for leaders, managers, coaches, trainers and developers, associations and entrepreneurs
3. Donated 100s of hours of presentations about peer coaching groups to audiences across the world

. Contact Us:
  Mailing Address: P O Box 8734 Axleandria, VA 22306. Headquarters: 4801 Georgia Ave NW, Washington DC 20011
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. E-mail:
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