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Guidelines for Submitting a Book Proposal to MDSGC

We are always interested in ideas from prospective authors for new books that offer readers compelling yet practical insights and information.

MDSGC publishes books in four key areas: Management & Leadership, public/private administration, and conflict resolution, and quality education. By focusing on our areas of corporate expertise, we are able to offer comprehensive, essential resources and to target particular markets more effectively. We rely on our authors to tailor their expertise in a way that directly addresses the needs and interests of our readers — and offers solutions that enhance their professional skills and abilities.

We work closely with our authors through every step in the publishing process, from the initial proposal through book publication. It is our practice to provide personal attention to each author and each book, helping structure the contents, editing the manuscript, and tailoring our marketing efforts to reflect the particular approach best suited to each title.

To get our discussions started, we ask prospective authors to provide the following:

1. Working title
2. A few paragraphs describing the need for, nature, and scope of the book
3. A definition of the types of readers you see as the primary market
4. Your thoughts on why they would want the book and specifically how they would benefit from it
5. A detailed table of contents
6. A list of any competing works, including titles, authors, publishers, and prices
7. Estimated length (double-spaced, 12 pt.)
8. Estimated time it will take you to complete the manuscript
9. Your resume/qualifications to write this book.

We will respond to your proposal promptly with any questions or if we need any additional information. Our internal editorial board will then meet to discuss your proposal and decide whether we believe your book will fill a need in the market. We will get back to you quickly with our thoughts, suggestions, or decision.

Please e-mail your proposal to Dr. Yemer, Editorial Director, Publishing, at

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