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Welcome to the Management Decision Sciences Golobal Consulting, Inc. Web site. At MDSGC, we are strongly committed to our mission of advancing the understanding, practice and development of business management and leadership for the benefit of society worldwide. In keeping with that spirit, we offer on this site a wealth of information about business management and leadership, ranging from research findings to practical information for indiviuals, managers and executives, and community leaders in our Consulting services; we show you how MDSGC can help individuals and organizations across the private, public, nonprofit and education sectors enhance their capacity for leadership in business world.

"I've worked with diverse, international multi-cultural individuals, agencies, non-profits, governments, private, sectors, institutions, locally, nationally, and globally the community at large for many years."

"Therefore, it has always been very important that I provide services to private, government, non-profit sectors, and industries and institutions that invest in our communities. It is MDSGC's belief that leadership in business means serving our clients and companies by investing time and resources into the community we share."

Dr. Hassan Yemer
Ph. D., MBA, MPA

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  Mailing Address: P O Box 8734 Axleandria, VA 22306. Headquarters: 4801 Georgia Ave NW, Washington DC 20011
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