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MDSGC is a Management consulting and/or strategy consulting firm. MDSGC is well known Consulting company and practice of helping companies to improve performance through analysis of existing business problems and development of future plans.

MDSGC can bring formal frameworks and methodologies to identify problems or suggest more effective or efficient ways of performing business tasks. As the need for professional and specialized advice grows other industries such as government, quasi-government and not-for-profit agencies are turning to the same managerial principles that have helped the private sector, MDSGC is fulfilling all areas of management consulting needs.

Have you ever used to a consultant or adviser to your business, non profit, government, or for community development for efficient management practices and to get expert or professional advice.

When you believe that your company, organization, or agency would be more successful if you hire someone, you should contact MDSGC for expert, impartial advice because MDSGC is integrating the full range of consulting capabilities that can solve its client's toughest problems.

Definitions of "consultant:"
1. "An expert who is called on for professional or technical advice or opinions."
2. What is meant by "an expert"

An expert, in the Webster's dictionary put it this way, someone who is "very skillful; having much training and knowledge in a special field." From this, it follows that a consultant, if he or she is indeed an expert, must be an effective learner, that is, capable of acquiring knowledge and skill from experience, whether or not that experience involves training.

Expert, experience, experiential, and experiment -- these words all have a common Latin root -- experiri, meaning to try, to test, to prove. A consultant, then, is above all else empirical, that is, willing to try things to see what happens.

If you listen closely, sooner or later you will hear this definition of a consultant:

A consultant is someone who comes in, borrows your watch, and tells you what time it is, keeps the watch, and charges you an exorbitant fee.

We help our clients drive results by focusing on key techniques for establishing and growing strong relationships. We incorporate our methodology and customized into a comprehensive framework for each of the process stages of your need. We define your need, prepare to execute, Execute the project, and review and assess our final work.

By learning more about MDSGC, you will define the depth and breadth of our expertise. MDSGC provides expert advice, assistance, guidance or counseling in support of agencies' management, organizational and business improvement efforts. This may also include studies, analyses and reports documenting any proposed developmental, consultative or implementation efforts.

"I've worked with diverse, international multi-cultural individuals, agencies, non-profits, governments, private sectors, locally, nationally, globally, and the community at large for many years."

"Therefore, it has always been very important that I provide services to private, government, non-profit sectors, and industries and institutions that invest in our communities. It is MDSGC's belief that leadership in business means serving our clients and companies by investing time and resources into the community we share."

Founder of MDSGC
Dr. Hassan Yemer, PhD, MBA, MPA

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