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Passionate, Supportive, Collaborative, Diverse

We measure our success by our clients’ results: At first glance, all top-level consultants may seem similar. Their resumes, presentations and fees don't differ much- but they can be very different to work with. They also have very different track records. are the trusted advisor and counselor to many of the most influential businesses and institutions in the world.
We are problem solvers with a passion for excellence. We are intellectually curious and highly collaborative. We minimize hierarchy. We don’t regard individuals based on their title, but their competence and leadership.

We come from all over the world, with rich experience and all kinds of backgrounds and areas of expertise. We speak different languages and represent many nationalities.

We are a network of leaders. What we look for when we are hiring are individuals with leadership potential, integrity, a sharp analytical mind, creativity, and the ability to work with people at all levels in an organization. We go to extraordinary lengths to support the people we hire to succeed. We have a passion for helping the people we work with. This passion to help continues in our alumni, who remain connected and loyal to our firm and its people.

Our firm is a global network of offices and practices led not by one person, but by our partnership group. We are not a corporation tied to earnings pressures and  we constantly measure new ideas and opportunities.

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  Mailing Address: P O Box 8734 Axleandria, VA 22306. Headquarters: 4801 Georgia Ave NW, Washington DC 20011
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