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Our Research Approach:

Qualitative and quantitative research designs: Our research methods are applying scientific thinking to research problems.

In our quantitative and qulitative research designs, we use different approach like experimental research the methods section will provide enough detail for the research to be replicated, and provide reassurance that you are using the best method to get the best of it.

The research design tells the reader how the research was operational. It tells them:

1. What we did in our research
2. How we did it
3. Why it was done in a particular way

With our research project, we explain in our research proposal and justify our methodology, the theoretical and philosophical assumptions the research designs methods and the strategies for doing the research.

Our current research projects:

  • Creation of new Methodology on Philosophy of Leadership
  • Linear and nonlinear thinking Process

The MDSGC has its own research, interviewing, coding, data collection method, and analytical resources.

When you have scientific research project, contact MDSGC for high quality and reliable research work at


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